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  • Device and OS Agnostic

    Our platform can sit on any device and you can instantaneously start managing across your fleet of devices be it Windows, Android, iOS or Mac.

  • Easy-to-Deploy

    Efficient and quick modes of deploy on-board all your devices in a matter of minutes and gets them up and running.

  • Enforce Policies

    Robust policy enforcement helps you stay on top pf your devices anytime, anywhere. One-click actions help take control at any point of failure.

  • Manage Compliance

    Automated compliance management help analyze trends and helps you maintain and exceed desired compliance levels.

  • Intuitive Cloud Dashboard and Reporting

    Create sales and service opportunity dashboard with detailed device related data from the Nanoheal management console.

Simple and easy console to manage your mixed bag of devices.

Managing your devices has never been more easy and efficient with Nanoheal’s management console to view automation results and manage device management needs, be it a laptop, desktop or mobile device.


Efficiently onboard customers through a user-friendly wizard.

Simple configurations allow you to add multiple resolutions with just a click of a button, eliminating the need to write scripts which automatically update the knowledge engine across all managed fleet of devices.


Device self-healing ensures low human intervention.

Free yourself from the shackles of mundane device maintenance and management activities and focus on work more essential to you. Self-healing is now a reality, that keeps your device running smoothly and alert you only when you’re needed to act upon it.


One-stop shop solution to manage all device management needs.

Devices are aware of the resources and patches required, hence makes your IT management a more effective task. Robust policy enforcement keeps your device compliance right at your fingers tips to ensure superior service delivery.


Intuitive reports to get all the answers you need.

Analytics and insights help you track key metrics and help you keep your customers happy and updated with key automation results and trends observed, for better capacity planning.


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Bring all your resolutions and answers to your customer’s fingertips.

Enable customers to keep an eye on their devices from anywhere with an easy-to-use interface to self-manage and resolve their device issues. A robust self-help tool kit allows users to troubleshoot issues with just a single click and help them find the answers they need.



Empower your users with an interface to help them fulfill service requests on their own.

Users no longer need to wait for days to get the services they need. Nanoheal’s local knowledge engine makes the device self-aware and allows users and devices to fulfill their service requests through the user friendly interface, thus also saving time and effort to the help desk.



Deliver superior user experience by staying ahead of device issues.

True intelligent automation helps you speed through redundant activities, and provide exceptional service delivery, so you can focus on work more critical and strategic to your business.



Exceed your business goals by providing superior service delivery.

Stay ahead of your customers by providing them a next generation device management platform, and ensure the true promise of automation. Performance metrics help you focus on help-desk achievements, and assist you to constantly evolve your operations.



Standardized IT help-desk practices ensure same levels of support across customers.

You no longer need to worry about gaps in your help-desk operations. Technology driven device management eliminates dependency on human knowledge, and gives your customers a standardized support experience.



Broaden your business opportunities by offering superior service delivery.

Increased customer satisfaction through next generation automation helps open doors to more revenue streams. Achieve competitive advantage over other players by transforming the way you support your customers and their environment.



Automation packed toolkit makes agents more awesome than before.

Manage help-desk issues across multiple support channels with a click of a button. Nanoheal is the all in one help-desk support platform that lets agents offer great service by proactively resolving issues with one-click resolutions.



Complicated scripts out. Simple configurable resolutions in.

With Nanoheal’s patented approach, one can achieve up to 80% automation in resolving issues before an end-user realizes of it. Our technology eliminates the need to write scripts, and already has a pre-built resolution database that is easily configurable.



Unified management console for quick, proactive and effective service.

Stay ahead of your device issues by proactively looking at notifications and alerts, and by taking real-time actions which would silently run the resolutions on the device. Automatically resolved issues are logged as closed tickets, unresolved issues are logged as alerts and notifications for the agents to consume and action upon.


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