Predictive and Automated Resolution

Easy to use interface for Self-Service

Proactive and Interactive Management

One-Click Remote Support

Unified Management Console

Script-less Automation Framework

Resolve issues at real-time and prevent re-occurrence.

Provide untethered device support with Nanoheal’s autonomic engine and in-built issue resolution database. Automate redundant tasks and gain 80% issue resolution before the end-user realizes the issue.

Local knowledge engine for resolution without human intervention.

Scrip-less automation helps you do more with less. Our resolutions are built within the 10 MB footprint of our software to ensure your devices are hassle free anytime, anywhere, connected or unconnected.

Trigger resolutions on schedule for assured device upkeep.

Let Nanoheal take care of device upkeep while you focus on work more strategic to your business. Scheduled maintenance activities ensure to keep your devices humming along so you don’t have to worry about it.

One-click resolutions for easy self-management.

Nanoheal helps you help your customers by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface with a tool-kit set, giving them all the advanced support right at their finger tips. Single click resolutions allow users to be their own technicians.

Fulfill service requests using a user-friendly interface.

End-users no longer need to wait for cycles in order to get their service requests fulfilled. Nanoheal helps users attach and fulfill service requests by just using the app interface.

Connect with support channels to get additional help.

Go beyond traditional support channels to get the help you need. Not only does a user has access to advanced diagnostics and resolution tools, but also the flexibility to reach out to support through live chat and other proactive alerts.

Single pane of glass to view all customers & devices in one place.

Unleash the goodness of Nanoheal with a powerful and unified view of all your managed devices. This dynamic interface helps IT admins analyze issues, view alerts, initiate remote desktop connections, and perform diagnosis and resolution non-invasively.

Stay informed of your device ecosystem through proactive alerts and notifications.

The Nanoheal dashboard is built to be the ultimate proactive management platform, so all notifications you receive and all components you view are real-time alerts and updates, that let you address issues before the user experiences a problem.

Trigger resolutions remotely through non-invasive troubleshooting.

A robust management tool-kit allows agents and admins to trigger resolutions to problems based on the alerts escalated. These resolutions are applied in the background to ensure a seamless and superior device and user experience.

Assured agent efficiency with consistency in service levels.

In-built and automated resolution steps give a true support multiplier effect and drastically improves efficiency of you help desk. Main consistent levels of service delivery and support with technology driven device management.

Device diagnostics insights easily available at hand.

Identify incident patterns and automate resolutions of recurring and high mean-time-to-repair calls. Track and improve overall operations and processes by gaining deep device insights on issues occurred and resolutions performed.

One- click remote resolutions to reduce time to resolve.

Our intelligent and refined process filters ensures your help-desk is not flooded with unwanted notifications, helping them optimize their efforts and save time by resolving issues remotely with a single click.

Management console to track ecosystem wide compliance.

Achieve more than 98% device compliance through automation. The unified dashboard shows organization wide trends at deep dive levels across your device ecosystem and helps you maintain and exceed desired compliance levels.

Device management made easy with single-click configurations.

Our intelligent yet easy-to-use wizard helps you perform simple configurations to address any rare, unusual or new issue. This further builds the knowledge base which is automatically updated across all your managed devices.

Intelligent sales and service insights for business and operational reviews.

Now that you’ve delighted your customers, impress your team with comprehensive insights. Capacity planning is made easy with useful and intuitive business insights across your assets and services delivered.

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