Quick and easy deployment modes to manage fleet of devices.

Nanoheal can help you get on-boarded in a matter of minutes with easy deployment modes. The software can be deployed over all the machines in a network and you can easily create a solution push to all other machines using DART's that help to trigger resolutions autonomically.


Eliminate issues before they occur with predictive issue resolution.

The ingenious duo of the Nanoheal engine and its DARTs repository are capable of detecting and resolving a plethora of known issues on a device. This helps to keep all the sundry maintenance activities running round the clock in autonomic mode and eliminate issues before they even crop up.


360-degree view to catch up all devices and customers in one place.

Using the 360-degree Dashboard, you can monitor your devices and customers in real-time . The dashboard is categorized into six different categories for ease of use. Under each category, new item types can be added and configured based on event filters, scope, threshold values, inclusions and exclusions.


Robust policy enforcement to stay on top of your device compliance

We allow you take total control of your environment and effectively manage desktop policies through enforcing: security settings, browser settings, mapped drives or devices and application settings that will in turn boost efficiency and improve response times to system breakdowns etc.


Knowledge-aware devices makes IT management tasks more efficient.

With Nanoheal to manage your end-user devices, you can be rest assured that you have a force that can foresee issues and automatically resolve them. Service disruptions are effectively reduced because issues are nipped in the bud. You can perform your IT tasks like audit, registry reboots, patch-queues or set roles for guarded device environment efficiently than ever.


Manage unconnected and offline devices without breaking a sweat.

Nanoheal's unique device app architecture provides a mechanism that triggers resolution of non-compliance issues at the device level, so you have lesser notifications to manage. Resolutions are automatically queued as they are triggered. You can auto-set configurations for device types, operating system, or ownership types during deployment, and create specified configurations for groups later. Also, even during offline, resolution of issues get resolved locally.


Multi-tenant architecture ensures fast and efficient scalability.

Our multi-tenant architecture makes Nanohealís footprint small enough to ensure minimal resource utilization on old and new machines alike. Forget about upgrading your infrastructure to take advantage of our tech. With Nanoheal's cloud-based IT management solutions you can benefit from a myriad of potential advantages from simplifying new software deployment and maintenance to enabling compliance and enhancing security which contributes to significant cost savings to your company.


Deep insights for device analytics and better business wide planning.

With Nanoheal's state-of-the-art reports, you can identify incident patterns and automate resolution. Using our custom event filters, you can find new trends in device issues and automate resolution of them recurring. You can try and test out reports on managed services, site-wide status, SLA adherence, patch status, software provisioning and metering, and much more.

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  • Laptops and Desktops

    We can get all your Windows, MAC and Linux of all commonly used flavors up and running in a jiffy.

  • Mobile Devices

    Manage your mobile devices without breaking a sweat. Nanoheal can manage your iOS, Android and Windows devices through a single console.

  • SMB Servers

    Free up your time to focus on more important business, and allow Nanoheal to take over and manage your Windows servers.


Evangelize your support strategy with a predictive and proactive approach.

Leverage the power of automation by replicating resolutions for an entire group or site. Deploying resolutions over an arbitrary group of devices is also easier with Nanoheal. Once you've resolved an issue using Nanoheal, know that you won't be handling it again. New issues are updated to the issue resolution database on the client app, so that even future re-occurrences are resolved autonomously.



Meet and beat business goals by driving exceptional service delivery.

Reduce the total number of calls, mean time to repair or service requests with by pricing exceptional service delivery. With Nanoheal. Unresolved issues are automatically guided to your support helpdesk. The push-to-talk or chat option also helps you to escalate unresolved issues to the support desk. Ultimately, we help you to boost your revenue and margins.



Deliver superior user experience by staying ahead of device issues.

Nanoheal can foresee and fix issues that are problems relating to virus threats, registry, browser, start up, BSOD, hardware, and connectivity - all before they occur. Complex support issues can even be automated if they require greater intervention then we provide standard configuration tools that help you manage a wider variety of issues autonomically.



Make the shift from a reactive to a predictive and proactive approach.

Nanoheal's patented technology eliminates the need to write scripts, push them from the server and run those scripts on those devices for resolving issues. Once an issue has been identified and the resolution is configured into the system, it eliminates the issue by resolving it at real-time. Agent training is made easy since the knowledge of how to run resolutions is pre-built into the software.



Ensure consistency in service levels by technology driven help-desk automation

Helpdesk can now promise superior support across their customers using Nanoheal. In-built automated resolution processes ensure support consistency, without the dependency of agent knowledge and efficiency, and allow them to focus on more complex tasks.



Unified approach to give you a seamless and delightful experience

Nanoheal seamlessly integrates with existing device management tools such as SCCM, AD, WSUS and other ITSM tools. Nanoheal complements the already existing tools in the environment to ensure that their compliance and reach is extended using Nanoheal.



Free up your help-desk time from all redundant device management activities.

Your help-desk no longer needs to spend time on redundant routine tasks . With Nanoheal, you can view automation results on an easy to use dashboard, which can also be used by an agent to proactively take actions on devices, without disrupting the end-user experience, so that your help-desk team can focus on more complex tasks.



Single pane of glass to proactively view and manage all your devices.

Nanoheal provides a universal console, a dynamic interface to analyze issues, view alerts, initiate remote desktop connections, and perform diagnosis and resolution non-evasively. We help you identify potential problems in a flash. Our dashboard is also built to be the ultimate proactive tech support platform, so all notifications you receive are realtime alerts and updates that can address issues before a specific problem occurs.



Resolve device issues in a jiffy with just a click of a button.

Nanoheal's Powerful dashboard allows agents or engineers to resolve escalated device issues with a single click. No scripts are essential for this to happen. To install the application, the customer only needs to click on the link and accept the download. This is also a one-click installation process. Once the installation is complete the device status will change from offline to online on the console.


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