Reliable security management for your AVIRA endpoints

The Nanoheal management console is a cloud-based platform which allows you to easily host, manage, and monitor your security solutions, via an extremely intuitive online dashboard.

Install, configure, and manage your Avira Software centrally via the Nanoheal cloud console.

Nanoheal gives you all the right tools to distribute your Avira Software, run unpdates and scan jobs centrally, while always keeping an overview of all your devices' security across the corporate network thanks to the simple, intuitive dashboard. Plus, in the rare event of an endpoint ever being unprotected, or if a scan, update, or clean up fails, the console will alert and notify you proactively.

Which Avira products can be managed using the platform?

The following Avira business products can be managed, for free, using the Nanoheal management console
Avira Antivirus Pro - Business Edition
Avira Antivirus for Endpoint
Avira Antivirus Server
Avira Antivirus for Small Business

How does it work?

It's simple, which is just the way we like it. A small application is installed on each end-user device - the Nanoheal cloud-based, unified, management console is then used for proactive monitoring and management of the device ecosystem using a single window. It gives access to multiple automated reports and insights on device health, compliance, inventory and much more.

Transform your business and become Proactive

Don't wait for an incident to happen, leverage the power of automation by resolving issues automatically before they happen with Nanoheal's patented technology. Plus, being a true SaaS based scalable platform, you can manage a large fleet of devices with ease. Out multi-tenant architecture is designed to grow with you, helping you scale from supporting anything from a small office thru to large multinational device ecosystems with absolute ease.

More than just a distribution tool

Nanoheal can be used free of charge for the distribution and management of Avira products, but it's far more than just a distribution and monitoring tool for your device security. Offering the very latest in AI, Nanoheal can transform the way your business operates it's IT structure - from enabling the centralization of your IT support thru to pushing essential updates, patches and company software, Nanoheal makes managing anything from one to one hundred thousand devices unbelievably easy.

Overview of the Nanoheal Management Console:

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Real-time IT monitoring with detailed reports and stats
  • Central deployment of software, policies, and services for thousands of Windows clients
  • Automatic software updates and distribution
  • Identification of potential security threats and update errors
  • Scalable SaaS technology that grows with your business
  • Option to upgrade to full-featured version to manage your whole IT infrastructure
Drive cost reductions, increase productivity and save resource with Nanoheal. Request your free 30-day trial today - you'll be amazed how quickly you see the benefits.

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