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Surmount your tech support challenges with ease

Move up to a patented tech support platform that can autonomously manage devices, and escalate unresolved issues proactively.

Meet nanoheal, a tech support and IT helpdesk software that comes with a made-to-order issue resolution database and a self managing engine. The seamlessly connected agent dashboard delivers on the dot support without remote support tools or end-user intervention.

Be the new yardstick for support metrics

Streamline your tech support process

Our dashboard is a comprehensive tool to manage device issues. Incidents can be resolved with a few clicks because most issues are configured into resolution profiles. If you want to drill down further, you’ll have access to detailed event logs.

Wipe out issues at the get-go

Once you’ve resolved an issue using nanoheal, you won’t be handling it again. New issues are updated to the issue resolution database on the client app, so future re-occurrences are resolved autonomously.

Put your business on afterburners

Reduced calls and costs

Your staff can now pick up non-repetitive tasks and collaborate on tougher issues to create specialized expertise.

Designed to grow with you

Scale from supporting a small office to a large enterprise in a day. Integrate other tools and manage from a single console.

Surprise your customers

Create a sales opportunity dashboard with detailed device-relevant data from the nanoheal dashboard.


Always-on support that is easy on you and your network

Features that will set you apart and get you to the top

Our solutions are tailored to your needs