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Powerful, unified view of
your managed devices

Dynamic interface to analyze issues, view alerts, initiate remote desktop connections, and perform diagnosis and resolution non-invasively.


Align the dashboard view to your service needs

Views can be customized to your service-level agreement, issue response time, types of problems covered, and other thresholds. You can attach specific sites, groups, or machines to corresponding service levels and have multiple screens for each View. Additionally, they can be configured to be globally accessible across users or can be viewed only by the owner of the group.


Dashboard Categories

Identify potential problems in a flash

The dashboard is categorized into six different categories for ease of use. Under each category, new item types can be added and configured based on event filters, scope, threshold values, inclusions and exclusions. It can also be mapped to status types based on the configuration.
Before an event log or status appears on the dashboard, the client app performs predictive resolution and maintenance on the device. It is only when the client app cannot resolve an issue that the incident appears as an alert or a warning on the dashboard.


The profile tab displays asset details of a selected device and its last update time. This tab is completely customizable and lets you select machine data you want to display on the dashboard.


Items related to components like antivirus, firewall, startup management and intrusions are configured under security. The tab will help you identify potential security threats, update failures, quarantine failures, etc., and help you fix issues proactively.


Items related to components like CPU, memory, disk space, etc., are configured here. Resource status will help users identify potential issues like CPU interrupts, disk space low, etc.


Schedule maintenance items such as browser optimization, printer issues, clean folders, etc., are configured under maintenance. The tab helps users identify potential maintenance failures.

Events of Interest:

Items related to specific application errors, BSOD, and other OS related issues are configured here. Events of interest help users identify potential problems with a device, so issues can be resolved proactively.

Service Availability Management:

Service availability issues are automatically resolved by the app, but incidents that cross predictive limitations are escalated and can been seen under Service Availability Management of the dashboard.

Event Logs

Have every event data at your disposal

Event logs are an important element in analyzing incidents on a device. Nanoheal gives you a powerful mix of event log selection criteria for ad-hoc event queries, and lets you access stored events as far back in history of the device or as latest as the last 10 minutes, making this the go-to feature for identifying problems.

Proactive Support

Be a tech support clairvoyant

The nanoheal dashboard is built to be the ultimate proactive tech support platform, so all notifications you receive and all items statuses you view are real-time alerts and updates that let you address issues before the user experiences a problem.
If a device is offline when an agent triggers a resolution or diagnosis, it is queued and applied when the machine comes online.

Remote Connectivity

Single click remote connectivity

Nanoheal can establish a remote control session using popular remote tools such as GoTo Assist, LogmeIn, and uVNC without the need for session ID input from the customer. All it takes is a single click from your console to establish a connection.

Client App

Give your customers the power to manage their PC

The client app gives the end-user device specific information to stay in control of their PC. The app interface is simple to understand, so even the most technically non-savvy person can customize their PC or perform simple troubleshooting steps, using our issue specific resolution profiles.
The more advanced tiles are locked and can only be used by your agents. The app also provides information on customer entitlement, reminders on service availability, etc.