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Power of L1 and L2 support
on every device

With nanoheal, you’ll be redefining and setting new
benchmarks in remote IT management.

Simple IT automation tool that scales with your business

Invisible to customers but still explosive in its capabilities

Autonomic resolutions

Detect, diagnose, and resolve device issues without any human intervention; and receive a report of auto resolved issues.

Automate IT tasks

Enable the software to automate any combination of tasks; restart a service, block registries, deploy software and more.

Advanced maintenance

Schedule regular upkeep tasks and receive notifications on cancelled routines. Service tasks can also reschedule automatically.

Effortless IT policy management

Creating, modifying, and deploying an IT policy is as easy as 1-2-3. Configurations are replicated across the network in minutes.

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Straightforward dashboard for detailed view of metrics

Go from high level overview of sites to specific details of a device in seconds

Metrics at a glance

Immediately identify issues that need your attention with visual representations of service level agreements (SLA) and escalations. Drill down on SLA items and create customized reports in seconds.

Sweeping dashboard view

View the status of all managed sites in a single pane or change to managed groups or a single device instantly. Get detailed information with each view.


Effectively manage desktops, servers, and mobile devices from a single console. Get real time progress on triggered solutions, so you can simultaneously manage multiple support requests.


Diverse integration options

You can integrate the platform with popular service management software, remote support tools, ticketing systems, and CRM software.

Reduce costs

Predictive resolutions increase device to support-staff ratio, helping you save on support costs without compromising on service quality.

Increase sales

Use comprehensive device information to create a sales opportunity dashboard. Make relevant offers that your customer would appreciate.

You’ll have time for personal service when it matters

We’ll ensure all repetitive and maintenance tasks are out of your way

Set the course to a better IT Helpdesk today