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Ensure service availability
meets service level agreement

Get comprehensive, real-time information on services, so you can keep services uninterrupted. Manage services on your entire network
regardless of their location.

Service Groups

Group application services together and manage

Services can be grouped together and monitored when more than one service needs to be monitored for an application. These services can also be in different machines. A typical example is managing a Web application which has a database server running on a different machine. Both the Web server services and the Database services can be grouped together and managed.

Availability Management

Manage your service availability proactively

All system services can be managed by the client app. If a service is configured to constantly run, nanoheal will restart the service if it stops. Whenever this service is interrupted or restarted, it is reported to the server. Nanoheal captures historical data on service availability for trend reporting, this allows you to predict potential issues and address them before it effects the business. Addressing these issues is also simpler because your IT can reinstall software or perform troubleshooting from the console.