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Redefine warranty support
using nanoheal's self service

Streamline your troubleshooting routine and reduce warranty support costs using our effortless online diagnosis and resolution tool.

Warranty Support Coverage

Let your customers review their device warranty status

Customers can enter their device service tag/ serial number online to validate the warranty applicability of the device and also check eligibility for extended coverage. They can then troubleshoot issues based on the coverage. If a customer is not covered under warranty, they can be directed to the relevant team for support.

Self-service Flow

Simplify identification of issues for your customers

HelpDirect categorizes issues into high level problem definitions, allowing your customers to identify issues based on symptoms. The tool diagnosis the issue based on the selections and applies the resolution only if there is an actual issue, eliminating responsibility from the customer.

Diagnosis and Resolution

Advanced support at your customer’s finger tips

Nanoheal diagnoses and executes resolution steps based on the symptoms identified by the customer. The progress is shown on screen and can be stopped if needed. Once an issue is executed the webpage checks with the customer to ensure the issue is resolved. A customer survey or feedback form can be administered for resolved issues at this point. Unresolved issues are automatically guided to the Helpdesk for greater attention.


Reduce MTTR with our intelligent escalation process

HelpDirect has a push-to-talk or chat option to escalate unresolved issues to the support desk. The Service Request Number generated online helps the agent retrieve the diagnosis and resolution steps performed on HelpDirect. This reduces diagnosis time and speeds up the resolution process. Agents can also handle multiple customers at the same time when using the chat option. Insisting on the Service Request Number to reach the Helpdesk can reduce the total number of calls, mean time to repair (MTTR) or service requests altogether.

Agent Interface

Advanced diagnostic and resolution tools

The Service Request Number generated online lets the agent access detailed diagnostic information early in the resolution process. The agent interface allows for diagnosis and resolution, without deploying any remote desktop utilities, using the HelpDirect installation on the customer’s device. The agent interface dashboard gives the current status of the device, lets you dispatch faulty replacement parts, and perform advanced troubleshooting. It can also help analyze customer usage trends, self service success, and cost savings from call avoidance.

Interface with OEM tools

Get a full cycle warranty service

HelpDirect interfaces with OEM tools to combine the software troubleshooting steps with hardware diagnosis to do a full cycle warranty service. It combines the power of scan tools and driver repositories with software troubleshooting, giving you a near accurate diagnosis on hardware issues. HelpDirect can also be configured to identify driver failure issues, and download and install drivers from an OEM device driver repository.