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Robust security solutions
to meet growing threats

Detect and block behavior based intrusions, prevent unauthorized program installations and removal, and provide advanced user management tools.

Intrusion Protection and Registry Management

Manage and optimize system registries

Your administrators have greater control over the addition, modification and deletion of registry keys, so critical registries can be protected from malware and other zero-day threats. (This feature is currently applicable only for Windows based devices.)

Antivirus Management

Unified console for multiple AV products

Nanoheal lets you manage various antivirus software from a single console. It sends you alerts if an antivirus is disabled, or if a system is unprotected. You also receive notifications if a scan, update, or clean up failed. The dashboard gives you all the right tools to provide up-to-date security updates and ensures that these processes do not interrupt the user.

Software installation and removal

Keep track of software and apps on devices

Monitor installation of software that is not permitted in your environment. Nanoheal detects new software and apps and reports back so you can review and remove it if does not meet policies. It also provides licensing details of software so you avoid those without proper licensing. Critical software that is necessary for proper functioning are also monitored and reported if it is uninstalled. If you do not want to review these situations, you can prevent addition and removal of apps by the user.

Program Execution control

Control unwarranted program usage

Create a whitelist and blacklist of apps and programs that can be used in IT environments that you manage. Configuring your program execution control with nanoheal is as easy as 1-2-3. The system lets you manage use of unlicensed software, external chat applications, etc.

User Management and Password Reset

Effectively audit device access and application usage

System access and application usage of all users can be recorded for audits. The user management feature also enables users to reset their passwords, further reducing calls to the Helpdesk. If users are connected the corporate active directory, passwords can be reset without maintaining a security questions database within the active directory environment.

Information Filtering

Automatically sift through transmitting data

Enable email attachment download filtering to protect your environment from malicious programs. Use whitelisting and blacklisting of websites to prevent sites from exploiting vulnerabilities. Block USB devices, prevent specific file transfers, or record details of file transferred.