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Keep your customers
oblivious to device issues

Our refined process filters ensures your Helpdesk is not flooded with unwanted notifications, helping them optimize their efforts and save time.


No issues slip through

Nanoheal gives you an all encompassing list of events to monitor, but each new issue that you identify can be configured using user defined event filters. These notifications can be further refined using configurable threshold parameters to eliminate false positives. Notifications can not only be generated for events of interest, but also for non occurring events on scheduled activities, which helps your Helpdesk keep tabs on maintenance activities.

Notification Actions

Your agents don’t have to sit at the console all day

One of the advanced features on the server dashboard is its ability to automate resolutions. Resolutions can be triggered on a device using automated processes for each notification. Agents can set up this process when they identify new patterns in notifications, which can later be integrated to the client app. Agents can also override the automation selectively and affect resolution through manual triggers. The triggered resolution gets executed immediately if the device is online. If it is offline, the solution is queued and automatically administered when the machine comes online.

Track Resolutions

Keep track of triggered resolutions

Issues that are resolved proactively are listed under service logs along with when it was detected and when it was successfully resolved. This can help you retrospect on issues and identify emerging patterns. This also helps businesses such as Tech Support Providers or Managed Service Providers present their customers with the number of issues that were handled. Successful resolutions can also be tracked back to notifications from which it was executed, helping you determine if it was manual or autonomic.

task resolution by nanoheal