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Freedom without consequence; future level enterprise mobility

Get a central admin console for powerful monitoring and a simple device app that conforms to all IT policies during self-service.

Deployment and Provisioning

Over-the-air service provisioning

Wirelessly deploy the app on devices using a central admin console. The small footprint ensures rapid deployment with all of the configuration settings. Once the app is installed, it automatically captures all software and hardware attributes and creates an asset database, which updates changes in real-time. This information can be integrated to your existing CMDB database.

nanoheal mobile device management view
Universal console

View all devices in one place

With nanoheal, you can manage workstations and mobile devices from a single console. Mobile device configurations can be mapped to its non-mobile counterparts to simplify access policies and manage updates.

You can combine the data from mobile devices with other managed devices on the dashboard for an overall view and get an all encompassing report; a feature your management would appreciate, no doubt.

Cross platform support

Advanced features in an effortless package

Manage Android, Apple iOS, and Windows mobile on any device type. Nanoheal provides a depth of device level capabilities such as real-time location information, remote password reset, remote lock and wipe, selective wipe, disabling of camera and screen shots, inventory management, and much more. And all of this can be managed based on time, location or groups.

multi platform MDM support

Application Management Application Management

Sufficient elbowroom for your favorite apps

Device & Data Security

Two to the power of n

Get the power to choose the right apps without worrying if it is container friendly. Nanoheal uses its dual persona strategy to manage the corporate and personal space on the device.

A secure Web browser allows IT to restrict access to websites, so malicious and unproductive websites can be blocked. Additionally, the URL timeline allows you to track and report web usage.

Mobile Device and Data Security

Keep track of your mobile devices
Mobile Expense Management

Create expense fences

Track corporate devices using real-time call logs and history. Assign usage thresholds from the console and monitor frequent outgoing and incoming calls and SMSs. Configure multiple international travels to avoid running into billing overages.