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Powerful and simple
incident based solutions

Our advanced tools streamline your tech support processes, lower support costs, and reduce the training needs of support agents.


Easy, one-click installation

Agents can generate a URL to download the nanoheal app and share the link with customers through email or chat. To install the app, the customer only needs to click on the link and accept the download. Once the installation is complete the device status will change from offline to online on the console.

Single click installation of nanoheal

Connect to a remote device without manual intervention
Remote Desktop Connectivity

Connect to a remote device without manual intervention

Agents can configure remote desktop connectivity by embedding the remote control session ID to the nanoheal download URL. So when the customer clicks on download the remote control software will also be installed with the app. This ensures zero end-user involvement in the process and saves much time and effort for the agent. Nanoheal currently supports LogmeIn and Citrix GoTo assist.

Non-invasive Resolution Process

Let your customers get back to what they were doing

Nanoheal’s non-invasive process allows agents to trigger diagnosis and resolution steps from the agent’s incident management console without remote desktop connectivity. So your customers can get back to whatever they were doing, while you diagnose and resolve the issue from your console.
You can then get the customer on chat later to verify if the issue was resolved. This not only reduces voice support costs, but also enables you to handle multiple incidents at once.
Traditionally, the remote control option was considered a non-invasive option, but with nanoheal you are a step ahead and you will only use the integrated remote option in exceptional circumstances.
The dashboard lets you track the progress of all triggered actions in real-time, further enabling you to manage your time.

Non invasive Resolution Process

Concurrent Resolutions

Golden: never keep your customers waiting

The incident management console allows agents to perform concurrent troubleshooting and track its progress in real-time. You’ll never have to keep another customer waiting because your agents are busy with another issue. We’ll enable you to resolve efficiently on multiple cases. Concurrent sessions improve productivity and drastically increase the number of incidents handled by an agent, helping you improve productivity and margins.