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Automate all routines. Get from
ticketing to resolution in a click

Use predictive technologies to reduce the frequency and duration
of device downtime and application outages.

Say goodbye to direct costs from downtime

Get easy insights—automate resolutions and make the software work for you

Reduced Incidents

Manual resolutions of new issues are updated on the issue resolution database for autonomic resolution of future incidents.

Decreased downtime

Predictive management, even when a device is not connected to the network, ensures optimum service time on all devices.

Actionable notifications

Alerts are created after eliminating false positives, so your helpdesk won’t be wasting time going through hundreds of alerts.

No need for scripts

Resolution profiles resolve escalated issues with a single click, reducing MTTR drastically. New profiles can be created in minutes.

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Twist and turn the application to your working styles

Ease the transition to IT automation with our flexible options

Tailored knowledge base

You receive an issue resolution database that is already customized to your business, but you can modify it further to boost autonomic resolutions.

Integrate with existing tools

You can integrate the platform with popular service management software, remote support tools, ticketing systems, and CRM software, so you can manage everything from a single console.

Customizable screens

Reconstruct the dashboard without having to turn to a programmer. Simply choose what items you want on screens and pick your colors. Or, just call us for a more personalized console.


Easy on your network

Non-polled implementation ensures there is no repeated checking of your managed devices for incidents.

Effortless maintenance

Advanced preventive maintenance schedule runs without disturbing the user, and reschedules when cancelled.

Support multiple devices

Support PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, servers, and other consumer electronics on Windows, Android, or iOS.

Swiftly implement your new predictive Helpdesk

Our auto deploy option will transform your IT in three winks

Set the course to a better IT Service Desk today