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Smashing new way to
manage end-user devices

Provide untethered device support with nanoheal’s autonomic engine and in-built issue resolution database.

Predictive Resolutions

A prophesy machine and a strangler

When you have nanoheal to manage your end-user devices, you have a force that is foreseeing issues and automatically resolving them. Nanoheal monitors critical components of your device to anticipate issues and resolve them before it affects the user. Service disruptions are effectively reduced because issues are nipped in the bud. Critical components that are monitored include resources like CPU, memory, registry files, start up environment, services, application processes, OS alerts, etc.

This picture depicts how a system is managed by Nanoheal darts

Startup Management

Prevent or monitor new start up items, or let the user choose

Our startup management is an advanced system to monitor crucial areas that are often altered by malicious programs. It can automatically block additions or alert the end-user on an unrecognized item, based on the response settings. The user has an option to allow the program or escalate the issue to the nanoheal portal. Agents can also analyze the start up environment and create an ideal set up for the managed devices using our autonomic resolutions.

Backup Software Management

Create and manage backups from your console

You can receive notifications on the success or failure of backups. If a backup has failed, an automatic trigger for a new back up can be configured. The dashboard also provides backup event logs, so your agents can drill down on issues and avoid it in the future.

Nanoheal provides peer to peer patch distribution
Patch Management

Peer-to-peer distribution

Nanoheal’s patch distribution process ensures minimum impact on the network and CPU while distributing patches. Once a device receives a patch from the server, it is automatically distributed to other devices on the network. The agent has the flexibility of either choosing a category of patches or individual patches to be applied. Patch updates can also be declined or removed from the console.

Print Queue Management

Autonomic print queue resolution

Print queue management lets you monitor print queues on individual and network printers. It logs printer configuration, detects all print jobs, and reports their status. The app enables you to perform auto resolutions steps such as stopping, removing, and restarting a print queue. The software can also restart a print spooler. Problem resolution is automatically triggered when a print job is stuck for a time that you have configured. So, predicting printer issues and resolving them proactively is yet another way to wow your customers.

autonomic print queue resolution

execute critical programs process using scheduler
Schedule Program Execution

Schedule execution of all programs from one place

Our unified console can not only execute programs and process schedules that you configure, but also notify you if a schedule has failed along with the reasons for its failure. The dashboard allows you to create a calendar of schedules to execute and carry out these tasks accurately.

Network Device Discovery and Availability

Discover devices on the network and monitor availability

Discovering new devices on the network is a simple task for nanoheal. The app recognizes devices as and when it is connected to the network, and the agent will be able to view these devices on the dashboard immediately. A device on the network can also be configured to monitor and report the availability of network devices like printer, routers, etc.

execute critical programs process using scheduler