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Turn the frown upside down,
and then change it to glee

Give your customers trouble free device experience while
managing the upkeep of their device in the backdrop.

Free your staff from recurring device issues

Resolve a new issue and make a knowledge-base update for auto resolutions

Anticipate device issues

Resolve issues before the user is aware of the problem. Get the power of predictive tech support on every device.

Receive auto escalations

Client app escalates unresolved issues and the agent dashboard offers an organized view of incidents that need your attention.

Automate resolutions

Pinpoint frequent incidents using our custom event filters and reduce repeat calls by automating resolution.

Simplify operations

Resolve escalated issues in a single click without taking remote of a device. Resolutions are queued if the machine is offline.

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Provide exceptional customer experience from anywhere

Manage a mixture of operating systems and devices from a single console

Multiple channels

Create a simplified online self-service portal that helps customers identify and resolve issues based on device symptoms. Use our state-of-the-art tools to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) on telephone and chat support without compromising on service quality.

Multi-device support

You won’t have to worry about your agent’s expertise on different operating systems (OS) or devices, because with nanoheal you’ll have the same friendly interface to support multiple OS. And you can switch from supporting a Windows or Linux machine to Android in seconds.


Increase sales attach rates

Device relevant data can help you create an impressive sales opportunity dashboard.

Reduce no defect found returns

Distinguish hardware failures from software with superior hardware diagnostics.

Decrease churn

Provide unexampled warranty and product support and create loyal customers.

All-powerful for you and marvelous for your customers

Dramatically increase resolution rates and customer satisfaction

Set the course to better tech support today