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Manage a mixed bag of mobile devices without breaking a sweat

Swap from supporting Android to iOS or iOS to Windows instantly. Insulate corporate apps and data and keep them secure, no matter the location.

Mobile Helpdesk

Run your IT from anywhere

Why deny the benefit of mobility for your IT helpdesk. Nanoheal’s web based console lets you access all the tools you need to run your helpdesk from your mobile or tablet. In fact, its unique device app architecture provides a mechanism that triggers resolution of non-compliance issues at the device level, so you have lesser notifications to manage.

This picture shows the Nanoheal interface on a mobile device


Set up in less than no time

Use our well crafted BYOD policies from the box, tailor it to your environment, or create one from scratch. No matter what you choose, the friendly interface will let you implement your BYOD policy in no time at all. Auto set configurations for device types, operating system, or ownership types during deployment, and create specified configurations for groups later.

Enrollment is easier on your IT because links can be sent via email, SMS, URL, or QR code. Users are prompted to accept Terms and Conditions during deployment, and acceptance of terms can be viewed against each profile.

Device Management

Real-time actionable notifications

Notifications on the console change in real-time if the status or condition on the device changes. This ensures you don’t spend time investigating irrelevant incidents. The app on the device also eliminates false positives making the notifications tray a potent monitoring tool.

The console offers single click resolution profiles for a variety of issues such as selective wipe, remote lock, root access control, camera and screen capture lock, and Wi-Fi configuration management. You can drill down on issues, view the overall status of managed mobile devices, create reports, and do a lot more from the toolbox.

Data Loss Prevention
Dual Persona:

Protect corporate data without affecting the users’ personal preferences. Users will also appreciate the additional device security and control they get from the app.

Data Encryption:

Get additional protection for your corporate data by encrypting it. Use on-device encryption options or our select tools to encrypt all data.

Secure Access:

Use a secure browser to access business applications. Choose to blacklist native browsers during work hours and enable a nanoheal browser for safe information transfer.

Block URLs:

Selectively block websites on all browsers during work hours, or use group policy to restrict access to certain groups. Keyword blocking can also be set.

App Management

Manage a diverse set of apps

Manage public, private, or enterprise apps with ease. Provide secure access to corporate apps, use geo-fencing and Wi-Fi location to restrict access, use the kiosk mode to run a single app or a specified set of apps without providing access to any other device functionalities. Nanoheal provides all the tools to keep your IT environment secure and your employees productive.