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Patented tech that can be customized to your needs

Configure the knowledge base on the client app to the troubleshooting needs and IT policies of your business.


Detect, diagnose and resolve autonomically

DART or the diagnoses and resolution tool is the logic for using the knowledge base configured within client app. It enables the client to perform the detection, diagnosis, and resolution steps independently. Each DART is specific to a category of issue, and have the capability to resolve as many issues under its category based on the configuration of the knowledge base.

Knowledge Base

Perform problem resolutions and IT tasks without scripting

Our local knowledge base is an unexampled piece of tech because it is less than 10 MB and attached to a DART (previously explained) that can predict issues and trigger resolutions autonomically. What is even more incredible is that the knowledge base can be modified on the fly to enable different resolutions and IT management tasks without any scripting and programming know-how.

Resolution Profiles

Customized resolutions instantly

Resolution profiles are a repository of knowledge base variations that can be applied to a DART and its execution sequence. This is needed when a particular issue requires execution of multiple DARTs. This feature enables repurposing of the same DART with knowledge base variations, or the connecting of multiple DARTs to perform together. The power of combining the DARTS and creating an issue based resolution profile eliminates the need for training agents to configure new DARTs.

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