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Manage and audit
assets in real-time

Get hardware, software, network devices, user logged in history, and license information in real-time. You’ll never make a wrong decision based on the asset data you’ve collected from the dashboard.

CMDB Integration

Integrate to CMDB

Asset information recorded by nanoheal can be pushed into any service management software. This helps track and record changes as per ITIL standards. All changes made to configurations gets updated to the system, which enables tracking of change requests and actual implementation.

Track Asset Changes

Track device changes as it happens

All hardware changes along with serial number of the hardware component is retrieved and recorded so any change can be tracked. Your IT will never need to poll to check for changes on a device.

The security and control feature of nanoheal eliminates any unauthorized software installation, which enhances governance of your IT assets. The database maintains the change log history of an asset throughout the life cycle of the device, making asset life cycle management much easier.

Manage Filters

Custom filters to view asset information across the site

Custom filters can be created whenever you need it without any training. This helps create filters to retrieve ad hoc information for capacity planning, hardware refreshes, software license management, and governance.

Asset Analytics and Reporting

Generate custom reports to manage your IT assets

Reports can be custom built without any programming knowledge. It can be hardware or software or a combination of both. Reports can also be configured to generate site-wide asset changes along with a history of its changes. This helps in shortening audit cycles and managing software licenses.