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No more breaking your head over the mesh of software applications.

Manage applications across all devices and operating systems from a single console which sports a simple UI to make it all a breeze.

Black listing/White listing

Create a guarded device environment

Workstation users can configure a profile wherein they can set rules for the applications which can(or can’t) be installed on a system. With nanoheal it’s very easy to create a separate whitelist and blacklist for applications.

Patch Management

Queue patches and run them wisely

An application can start waning if not updated as soon as its patch is available. Nanoheal assiduously runs the search for updates for all the applications installed on its host system and intelligently updates them without causing any inconvenience to its users. Furthermore, it also keeps a wary of which device requires an update and which does not. If required, nanoheal can even revoke the updates from a device.

Registry management

Make the registry robust against malware

A Windows Registry stores the configuration settings and options for both operating system and the applications running on the windows operating system. Unauthorized access or manipulation is a serious security threat to the systems in your environment. Nanoheal has an innate feature by the effect of which you can monitor, manage and secure your registries.

task resolution by nanoheal

Application inventory management

Perform instant or a detailed device application audit

Nanoheal provides its users a lucid way to overlook all the applications which are installed on a device. Once installed, nanoheal keeps a track of all the installed and uninstalled applications, along with the all pertinent information.